Online Healing Rituals for our Planet hosted on Zoom

A group (or even better large groups) of human beings, who consciously align their awareness in a shared intention and together hold this vision
and experience it with all their senses and then add the feeling of deep gratitude for the manifestation of this healed version of reality,
might be one of the most powerful things, that we can contribute to the healing and protection of our world and nature.

I want to invite you, to join me in such conscious acts of co-creation on Zoom.
I will gently initiate a synchronization process by anchoring us deeply in the core of Mother Earth.
Then we direct our awareness to consciously experiencing the interconnectedness with the Field of Life
and invite the guidance and blessing of the Divine. Including several tools as co-created sound-fields, we will intensify
the manifestation process. In heart-brain coherence, deeply devoted to the greater good for all life, we open ourselves up,
and let love act through us. And as compassion takes over as a Force of Nature, miracles become possible.

Thank you so much for caring and for your interest in this work.
I would love to welcome you and co-create with you and together call into existence what serves Life.

I will announce the upcoming dates here and on the Facebook page Between Heaven & Earth.
I intend to offer one healing ritual every or every other weekend with changing daytimes
to reach people from different time zones.

Please share this invitation and information with your friends and networks.
Very much looking forward to meeting you.

Next dates:
Sunday September 8th, 8pm CEST, 11am PDT

On Sunday September 15th I am hosting a day-long event in our centre in Emmendingen,
including a healing-ritual for the Earth at 6pm CEST, but no online event on that weekend, sorry.

Participant´s feedback

“Liebe Jasmin, dein Sound Healing Angebot hat mich wirklich sehr inspiriert. Ich bin dir extrem dankbar.” MCL, Berlin

“Last friday I was fortunate to be one of the participants in Jasmin Erinya Schuler’s sound healing meditation. We were set up via the internet as we were all in different cities/countries. I personally found the experience unique as I had never taken part in that kind of group meditation. It was deeply moving, and incredibly effective. Jasmin very gently guided us to ground in mother earth and then invited us to allow sensations which I am quite accustomed to, she was very authentic and experienced. What was most amazing to me after we ‘grounded into the earth’ was how she lead us in voicing the energies that we felt. The result was deeply moving heart mind and bones, I feel this experience really helps connect people to one another. I would go as far as to say this kind of healing is what everyone on the earth and including the Earth needs right now. This was such a beautiful experience, thank you Jasmin.” Jacqui Harwood,

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